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Ghani Accepts Resignation of Defense Minister, Chief of Army Staff



(Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)


President Ashraf Ghani has accepted the resignation of Defense Minister Abdullah Habibi and Chief of Army Staff Gen. Qadam Shah Shaheem after the recent attack on Afghan army base in Balkh province of Afghanistan, Ghani’s office confirmed on Monday.

The president’s official Twitter account also confirmed the resignations with immediate effect.

President’s deputy spokesman, Dawa Khan Mina Pall said, “Defense Minister Abdullah Habibi and Chief of Army Staff Gen. Qadam Shah Shaheem have submitted their resignations letters to President Ghani and he thanked him of  their services and accepted their resignations.”

The two Afghan senior officials in the their last press conferences pointed about their achievements during their difficult duties.

Ex-Defense minister, Abdullah Habibi said, “To all Afghan people and the next defense minister; Consider Afghanistan’s interest and work for the people as I resigned.”

Former chief of amry staff, Qadam Shah Shahim also said, “I want to showcase the end of an unprecedented courage, I want to share my effectiveness to the other strong holders.”

Yet it is not clear that these two top officials were forced to resign or were resigned themselves, but analysts have different views regarding this issue.

Political analyst, Bashir Bezhan said, “The current situation requires that at least the genuine commitment and meritocracy have not been considered in appointing the security officials.”

Another analyst, Humaira Ayoubi also saod, “Well done to defense minister and chief of army staff who have conscience and understands everything.”

Afghan residence praised resignations of the two senior officials, saying they have resigned based on peoples’ demands.

The ministry of interior’s deputy Tariq Shah Bahrami has been appointed as acting minister of defense and general Sharif Yaftali as army chief of staff.

The resignations of the two top security officials come as brigadier General, Amanullah appointed as Zafar 207 Corps instead of major general Mahmand.

Previously the Presidential Palace has said that President uses his authority to promote the theoretical capacity to the constitution.

This comes after on Friday Taliban gunmen and suicide bombers disguised in army uniforms struck the compound of the 209 Shaheen Military Corps in northern Balkh province which claimed the lives of at least 150 army personnel and wounded nearly 70 others.

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IEA will be balanced in its politics and relations with all countries: Muttaqi



(Last Updated On: March 31, 2023)

The foreign minister says the Islamic Emirate’s relations with all the neighboring countries and the region are going well, but the country’s relations with Western countries have some problems.

In an interview with an Arabic TV channel, Amir Khan Muttaqi said currently the embassies of neighboring countries and the region are open in Kabul, and the diplomats of the IEA are accepted in many countries.

“Currently, the embassies of neighboring countries and the region such as China, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Russia are open in Kabul,” said Muttaqi.

“Also, India, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Qatar have diplomatic activities, and in addition, the diplomats of the Islamic Emirate are accepted and active in many of these countries. It should be said that Afghanistan has no problems in its relations with neighboring countries and the region, and we only have problems in relations with Western countries,” he added.

Muttaqi criticized America’s interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, which is against the Doha Agreement, but he emphasized that their meetings continue to help improve relations with the US and progress has been made.

“At the moment, we have relations with the United States, our meetings continue and various and important issues are discussed, and we have many good developments with them,” he said.

He meanwhile emphasized that IEA is in favor of good relations and positive interactions with the international community, but the world should not set preconditions for interaction with the Islamic Emirate.

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IEA hoping to increase the number of soldiers to as many as 200,000 by end of this solar year



(Last Updated On: March 30, 2023)

The Islamic Emirate’s ministry of defense says it plans to increase the number of the country’s national army soldiers from 150,000 to between 170,000 and 200,000 in the current solar year.

Qari Fasihuddin Fetrat, the army chief of staff, said in an interview that the IEA has all the military equipment from the previous government and that the army is ready to fight any potential threat.

“Inshallah, with this number, we can protect the entire territory of Afghanistan, but there is a need for other forces, and we have decided to increase the number of soldiers,” he said.

“In the current [solar] year, we have decided to increase the number of soldiers from 150,000 to 170,000 and slowly it will reach 200,000.”

Fetrat has also stated that reports about the formation of opposition groups outside the country, to stand against the IEA government, are a “dream”.

He emphasized that foreign countries exaggerate the presence of Daesh in Afghanistan and that the group does not have a strong presence in the country.

“Some of the acts of destruction that are carried out in Afghanistan are also carried out in many advanced countries, but despite that, the Islamic Emirate neutralized their efforts and plans,” he said.

“You can see that the security which is in Afghanistan today may not be in Washington,” he added.

In addition, the IEA’s army chief of staff also criticized the US for violating Afghanistan’s air space.

“We are trying to reach a level where the occupation of Afghanistan’s air sovereignty will end and it will be given to the Islamic Emirate,” said Fetrat.

According to him, in addition to the two military units in Bagram and Badakhshan, there are eight military corps including the Central Army Corps in the provinces of Kandahar, Helmand, Paktia, Laghman, Kunduz and Balkh.

He also said soldiers, who worked under the former government, are “perform duties within the framework of the defense ministry.”

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IEA downplays SCO concerns about threats emanating from Afghanistan



(Last Updated On: March 30, 2023)

Responding to concerns voiced by the national security advisors of some regional countries at this week’s Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting in India, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) on Thursday reiterated promises that Afghanistan’s soil would not be used against any country.

The spokesman for the Islamic Emirate Bilal Karimi said all of Afghanistan was secure and well managed by security forces and that the IEA will not allow “anyone to interfere with security”.

This comes after Russia’s National Security Adviser Nikolai Patrushev said at Wednesday’s SCO meeting in India that the situation in Afghanistan is not only tense, but has created dangers for the security of SCO member countries.

“It is important to closely monitor the situation in Afghanistan, because the situation in this country is unstable and despite the continued rule of the Taliban (Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) over this country, this situation has continued. Illegal arms and drug trafficking has created illegal immigration,” said Nikolai Patrushev.

The IEA has repeatedly rejected concerns about security threats from Afghanistan, including the threat of Daesh.

Patrushev also said at the meeting that the US and its allies had a responsibility towards Afghanistan and rebuilding its economy. However he warned that any US or NATO military presence in the region would not be tolerated.

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