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Over 80,000 square meters of Afghan carpets exported monthly: Union



(Last Updated On: September 17, 2023)

The Union of Carpet Producers and Exporters in the western zone of the country says over 80,000 square meters of carpets are exported to world markets every month, and that the volume of exports has continued to grow.

The union officials, however, say they do not have direct access to the world markets, but Afghan carpets are sent to the markets of European and American countries through Pakistan.

“According to a survey conducted in 1402, it can be said that 80 to 100 thousand square meters of carpets are exported to different countries every month,” said Mohammad Rafi Naderi, head of the union.

Carpets are usually exported through Pakistan to the US, Canada, England, European countries and some Asian countries, he said.

Meanwhile, carpet sellers in Herat city expressed concern saying that although the market for carpets has improved, they cannot send domestic handwoven carpets to global markets directly.

According to them, Afghan carpets are still exported to the world markets as having been woven in neighboring countries, stressing that there was a need to promote Afghan carpets.

“Now traders don’t come, now our goods go to Pakistan, and from Pakistan, our carpets are being exported under the name of Pakistani goods abroad,” said Abdul Khaliq Qaderi, a carpet seller.

Meanwhile, Herat’s Department of Industry and Commerce says the process of exporting carpets abroad has improved recently, so efforts are being made to improve the carpet industry and export it to global markets.

“In each zone, places have been selected for better export, good control and packaging,” said Bashir Mohammad Seerat, head of Herat Industry and Commerce Department

According to him, due to the export of carpets from Herat, a facility is being considered where carpets can be packaged.


Members of private security meet with Kazakhstan counterparts



(Last Updated On: September 27, 2023)

A bilateral meeting between members of the private sectors of Afghanistan and Kazakhstan was held in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade on Tuesday with the aim of attracting more investment in the country.

At the meeting, representatives of the private sector of the two countries discussed investments in various sectors including the non-alcoholic beverages sector, gemstones stones and minerals, chemical fertilizers, car batteries, clothing and textiles, petroleum products, flour and wheat, the ministry said.

They also discussed tourism, investment in restaurant businesses and food, the ministry added.

Furthermore, the businessmen and investors of Kazakhstan thanked the Afghans for their hospitality and described Afghanistan as a safe place and a suitable environment for business and investment.

Representatives of the private sector of Kazakhstan spoke about holding exhibitions in Kabul, Balkh and Kandahar provinces, adding that in the near future they plan to hold exhibitions of Afghan manufacturing industries in Kazakhstan and an exhibition of Kazakh products in Afghanistan.

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Female entrepreneurs at Kabul women’s market say businesses are doing well



(Last Updated On: September 26, 2023)

A number of female entrepreneurs at the special women’s market in Kabul say their businesses are improving day-by-day and that they have also set up online shopping opportunities for women.

These women say they are happy to have their own market where they can sell their own goods.

“Our clothes are Afghani Gand (traditional dress). Our sellers and buyers are both women. We are happy that such a market has been established in Kabul,” said Ferozah Qasimi, a woman entrepreneur.

“The good thing about this market for women and girls is that they can easily and calmly use the green space here, relax their minds and buy the things they need from one place,” said another woman entrepreneur.

“My request to government and foreign institutions is to join hands with us, to cooperate with us so that we can make further progress in our work,” said another businesswoman.

Meanwhile, the Women’s Chamber of Commerce says there is no limit to women entrepreneurs.

“We are seeing very good developments in this chamber which is creating markets and creating expos,” said Salma Yousafzai, head of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC) spokesperson Abdulsalam Jawad Akhundzada stated that the ministry supports businesswomen.

“The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has always supported women entrepreneurs and has always supported them in all aspects of trade and industry,” said Akhundzada.

“Thousands of women in 34 provinces of Afghanistan are actually working in various sectors of industry and investment,” he added.

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Foreign cash aid and tight restrictions on afghani helps ‘stabilize’ local currency



(Last Updated On: September 26, 2023)

Billions of US dollars, flowing into Afghanistan, in the form of cash aid, is helping to stabilize the local currency so much that the AFN has been propelled to the top of the global rankings this quarter.

According to America’s Bloomberg news agency, the afghani (AFN) has maintained its value against foreign currencies, especially the US dollar, on the back of the cash aid and other factors.

Additional actions are also helping to stabilize the currency including the Islamic Emirate’s ban on the use of Pakistani rupees and US dollars on the local market, and an increase in cross border trade, Bloomberg reported.

Currently, the AFN is trading at just under 80 afghanis to the dollar.

The international community has shipped in on over $40 million dollars a week since the fall of the former government. This money is handled by the UN and used for aid in the country.

Bloomberg reported however that the cash aid and increased trade with Afghanistan’s neighbors has propelled Afghanistan’s currency to the top of global rankings this quarter — an unusual spot for a poverty-stricken country.

The IEA’s tight restrictions on taking dollars out of the country, banning online trading and imposing prison sentences on those who break the rules, have also contributed to this stability, Bloomberg reported.

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