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Afghanistan’s export volume at $1.85 billion for past 7 months



(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)

The office of the first deputy prime minister, Mullah Abdullah Ghani Baradar Akhund, said on Tuesday that Afghanistan’s exports abroad exceeded $1.8 billion since the start of the current solar year – seven months ago.

According to a statement, $1.85 billion worth of goods went to Pakistan, Iran, India, Tajikistan, UAE, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

The bulk of the goods went to Pakistan, India, Tajikistan and China, officials said.

According to the government statistics, nearly $744 million worth of goods have been exported to Pakistan alone in this time.

The Afghanistan-Pakistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that the exports with Pakistan have doubled.

Last month, trade and commerce ministry spokesperson Abdul Salam Jawad said that if the export sector continues to grow, export volumes worth $2.5 billion will be reached soon.

“We are sure that if our business continues in this way, our exports will reach more than two and a half billion dollars,” he said.

According to officials, efforts are being made to get Afghan products to regional and global markets via land and air corridors.

Economic experts have meanwhile expressed hope that with the expansion of trade relations, Afghanistan will soon become self-reliant.

At the same time, the Ministry of Trade and Industry says that it is trying to expand Afghanistan’s economic relations with India.

According to officials, India is one of the countries that had extensive trade relations with Afghanistan in the past, and now they want these relations restored. Abdulsalam Jawad Akhundzada adds that Afghan goods have many buyers in the Indian markets.

According to Akhundzada, the country’s exports to India have increased by 25% compared to last year.

The Chamber of Commerce and Investment meanwhile said more than 60 tons of goods have been exported to India in the last seven months.


World Bank report finds Afghan revenue collection strong



(Last Updated On: January 27, 2023)

The World Bank on Wednesday published its latest report on Afghanistan’s economy and painted a slightly positive picture – stating that in the first nine months of the fiscal year 2022, exports were good, the exchange rate was stable and the Islamic Emirate’s revenue collection had been strong.

The World Bank stated that inflationary pressure in Afghanistan has eased since July of last year, decelerating by half to 9.1 % in November, while most basic food and non-food items are still widely available. The report stated the decline in inflation was due to lower global oil and food prices, along with a stable exchange rate.

The bank stated that Afghanistan exported $1.7 billion worth of goods during this time, an increase of approximately 90% compared to the full year 2021.

The report noted that January to June 2022 data shows the country imported $2.9 billion of goods.

In addition, the report stated that revenue collection had remained strong, reaching $1.54 billion between March and December 2022, in line with 2020 results.

A major chunk of the revenues came from taxes collected at borders and non-tax sources while a rise in coal mining royalties and fees were likely the drivers of the increase in revenue, the report found.

The report also noted that most government workers in Afghanistan have received salaries regularly and that their main problem was the lack of cash in banks when withdrawing their salaries.

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New labor minister promises to provide job opportunities to curb migration



(Last Updated On: January 27, 2023)

Abdul Manan Omari, the new minister of labor and social affairs, says the ministry will try to provide job opportunities for people inside the country so as to stop Afghans from seeking work outside the country.

In an introductory ceremony on Thursday in Kabul, the new minister said the ministry will also try to defend the rights of Afghans working in other countries, as well as create job opportunities in order to curb migration.

Meanwhile, Noorul Haq Anwar, the head of the Administrative Office, said at the event that the Islamic Emirate is a national system and is committed to providing balanced services throughout the country.

“The rights of all citizens will be addressed,” said Anwar.

According to him, many attempts have been made to weaken the country’s economy, but they have managed to control this.

He said they will not allow anyone “to lead the country to an economic crisis” and expressed hope that with the changes in the leadership of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, services will improve.

Currently, the country’s unemployment rate is estimated to be at above 90% as hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs following the withdrawal of foreign troops and the collapse of the former government.

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Uzbekistan to resume electricity exports to Afghanistan



(Last Updated On: January 24, 2023)

Uzbekistan will resume electricity exports to Afghanistan from Wednesday after a 10 day stoppage.

Tashkent suspended supplies on January 14 due to the extreme cold, which led to a fuel shortage at their power plants.

The Ministry of Energy in Uzbekistan said that supplies to Afghanistan were temporarily stopped as a result of fuel shortages and various technical problems, as well as to ensure a stable energy supply to consumers in Uzbekistan.

The Ministry said it had warned the energy company Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) about the situation.

Bakhtar news agency reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan on Tuesday assured the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan that within the next 24 hours, 250 megawatts of electricity will be provided to Afghanistan.

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