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IEA supreme leader meets Kabul religious scholars 



(Last Updated On: August 3, 2022)

A group of 50 religious scholars from Kabul province met with the supreme leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), Mawlavi Haibatullah Akhundzada, in Kandahar to discuss problems faced by Kabul residents and women’s rights issues.

The meeting took place at the request of the leader of the IEA.

Religious scholars have asked the supreme leader to pay special attention to education and to make changes in the curriculum if necessary.

The scholars also discussed women’s rights within the framework of Islamic Sharia and the issue of girls’ education. The supreme leader assured the religious scholars that the problems of the capital will be taken care of.

“The main purpose of this meeting was to solve the problems of the capital city and to convey his orders to the people from the pulpit of mosques and through scholars,” said Nada Mohammad Nadim, governor of Kabul.

Scholars said they addressed the issue of women’s problems, and respecting women’s rights within the framework of Islam, and the revision of school curriculum.

“For the supreme leader, there is no difference between mujahid and non-mujahid, and everyone has equal rights,” said Abdul Hamid Hamasi, a religious scholar.


Pakistan opens fire on Afghan border crossing in Kandahar



(Last Updated On: October 20, 2022)

Pakistani forces opened fire at an Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) check post in Kandahar province on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, local officials said.

Officials said that there had been a short clash between IEA forces and Pakistani forces in Spinboldak district of Kandahar.

Officials said Pakistani forces opened fire on the IEA at a check post for no reason.

IEA forces responded by firing back on Thursday morning.

According to officials, no damage nor casualties were reported.

Pakistani forces also fired off two mortars from across the Durand Line, officials said.

Officials said that due to the shelling, Chaman-Spin Boldak was closed for the movement of travellers for the moment.

However, Haji Zaid, the spokesman for the provincial governor’s office, confirmed the incident but said that at the moment the situation is under controll and the crossing has been reopened for the public.

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Father slaughters sons, buries them in Kandahar



(Last Updated On: October 5, 2022)

Local authorities of Kandahar say that a father slaughtered his three sons in Karizak village of Dand district of Kandahar province, and then hid them in grave.

Haji Zaid, provincial governor spokesman, said that the bodies were discovered today (Tuesday) from a graveyard.

The boys were age 12, 14 and 17 years old, Zaid said.

According to the governor spokesman, the person suffered from mental problem, adding that the culprit confessed to committing the crime.

Villagers said that the three boys disappeared from their house on Saturday and their bodies were discovered today from a graveyard.

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Mass grave found in Kandahar; UN calls for investigation



(Last Updated On: September 26, 2022)

Kandahar officials have reported the discovery of a mass grave in the province’s Spin Boldak district.

Noor Ahmed Saeed, the head of information and culture, told the Voice of America (VOA) on Monday that the mass grave was found three days ago.

Saeed said the bodies of 12 people were found in the grave.

“The bodies of 12 people were found in the villages of Boldak district. Nine years ago, these dead people were taken from their homes and shops by late General Abdul Raziq. They were taken away and then killed without trial,” Saeed told VOA.

However, claims that the deceased were killed by Razaq have not been independently confirmed, nor have family members of Razaq who live outside of Afghanistan confirmed this claim.

Razaq was killed on October 18, 2018, in an attack in Kandahar province.

The United Nations has called for an investigation into the claims. Patricia Gossman, Asia Special Deputy of the Human Rights Watch Commission, wrote on her Twitter page the grave should be secured and investigated by forensic experts.

“Discovery of grave sites makes it all the more urgent that authorities prevent acts of revenge. As UN HRC discusses ways to support accountability in Afghanistan, vital that all alleged crimes be investigated as part of process that leads to justice, according to int’l standards,” Gossman tweeted.

The special rapporteur of the United Nations Human Rights Department for Afghanistan, Richard Bennet, also asked the authorities not to touch the remains of the dead in order for forensic tests to be done, VOA reported.

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