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Last Sikh in Nangarhar says he’s not leaving Afghanistan



(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)

Gulcharan Singh, the last Sikh in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province, says the rest of his community left the country due security reasons, but that he is staying in his home country.

Gulcharan, who is a shopkeeper in Jalalabad, says thousands of Hindu and Sikh families were living in Nangarhar province, but they have now left for countries like India, Britain and Canada.

“In the past, we had 10,000 families in Nangahrar. Now it is only me who is remaining,” Gulcharan said.

“People (who left) are not comfortable. They had a free life here. You know how it is to live in a foreign country.”

“All those who worship and offer prayers should pray that God rebuilds the country and it becomes secure.”

Local residents say they hope that Hindu and Sikh families return to the country.

“They were good people. There were very broadminded people among them. There were merchants, shopkeepers and laborers among them. They were people who were helping the country,” said Mia Noorudin Miakheil, a local resident in Nangarhar.

“The conditions were not suitable for them. They were bombed in Kabul during the Emirate rule. They were very scared after that so they left,” said Ahmad Yosuf, a local resident in Nangarhar.

“Some left for India, others left for Canada…They may return after the security situation improves,” said Naseer Khan, a local resident in Nangarhar.


Dozens of Daesh members surrender in Nangarhar



(Last Updated On: October 5, 2022)

As many as 59 Daesh members have laid down their arms recently in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province, local authorities said on Tuesday.

Mohammad Idrees, head of Nangarhar intelligence department, said that the militants had been operating in Chaparhar, Surkhrod, Khogyani, Lalpura, Achin and Spin Ghar districts.

The former militants said they regretted joining Daesh, and will never return.

“I have spent time with Daesh. I no longer work with them. I have surrendered to the Islamic Emirate, and I am ready to serve them,” said Najibullah, a former Daesh member.

“They were oppressing people, and we regretted joining them after looking at their oppression,” said Alauddin, a fomer Daesh member.

“I was a member of Daesh, and now I have surrendered to the Islamic Emirate. I will never join them again,” said Gulzar Khan, a former Daesh member.

Local elders also warned of consequences if those surrendered return to Daesh.

“They have been warned that if they return to Daesh, their houses will be torched, their assets will be seized and they will be expelled from the country,” said Malik Zahid, a tribal elder in Nangarhar.

Around 650 Daesh members have surrendered since the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) took over the country in August last year.

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IEA rejects rumors of assassination attempt on defense minister as ‘baseless’



(Last Updated On: May 28, 2022)

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has denied reports that an assassination attempt was made on the life of acting minister of defense, Mawlawi Mohammad Yaquob Mujahid, during his visit to Nangarhar.

In an interview with Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), deputy IEA spokesman Inamaullah Samangani said the reports were simply a baseless rumour.

Reports emerged Saturday that an attempt had been made on Mujahid’s life. The reports emerged after a video went viral on social media.

In the video, the deputy minister is seen addressing a gathering of people when a scuffle breaks out. The acting’s minister’s bodyguards quickly surround him and lead him to safety. 

Some media reports have said the incident happened on Saturday while others say Friday.

On Saturday, the ministry said however that Mujahid had been in Nangarhar on Friday and that he had visited military posts along the Durand Line – the border with Pakistan. 


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Eight people die in Nangarhar traffic accident



(Last Updated On: March 22, 2022)

Eight people including four women and a child died and two others were injured when two vehicles collided in Nangarhar province on Monday evening, local officials confirmed.

According to officials, the incident took place in PD6 of Jalalabad city.

The officials said that four women, and one child died and another woman was injured.

Jawad Sherzad, head of Nangarhar traffic department, confirmed the accident and said that the injured people had been transferred to Nangarhar regional hospital for treatment.

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