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Casualty toll from Balkh explosions rises to 11 dead and 17 wounded



(Last Updated On: April 29, 2022)

The death toll following two explosions in Mazar-e-Sharif city on Thursday evening has risen to 11, security officials confirmed Friday adding that a further 17 were wounded.

In both instances, the explosions were caused by IEDs.

Daesh has meanwhile claimed responsible for both blasts.

The first of this week’s explosions happened at about 6.30 pm when a city mini bus hit an IED in PD3 of Mazar-e-Sharif.

Minutes later, a second explosion took place when a car, carrying passengers, was targeted in PD10 of the city.

“The first blast took place in the PD3 and the second in the PD10,” Mohammad Asef Waziri, spokesman for the Balkh Police, said Thursday.

Victims of both explosions were reportedly all civilians.

“Of the two blasts yesterday, about 18 were injured and were transported by public health ambulances, along with ten martyrs, and the condition of seven injured was reported to be critical,” said Najib Tawana, Balkh public health director.

The bodies of a number of these victims were buried on Friday. However, the deputy head of the Balkh Shiite Council, Sajad Alimi, said 13 people had been killed.

“The people we know were all poor people and they were working for 50 Afs a day. All of them were people of prayer and were fasting. What we know so far is we have 13 martyrs.” said Alimi.

“All Afghans want the Islamic Emirate to ensure the security of the people in any way possible,” said Seyed Mullah Imam, a resident of Mazar-e-Sharif.

“We are five at home with no income. My father was a salesman. He was martyred. We call on the government to take care of the people so that no more become fatherless like me,” said Yasin, the son of one of the victims.

This comes after last Thursday’s explosion at a mosque in Mazar-e-Sharif which left 31 worshipers dead and 87 others wounded.

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Yes, US drones patrolling in Afghan airspace which is a clear violation: Stanekzai



(Last Updated On: September 22, 2023)

Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai, deputy foreign minister for political affairs, says the ongoing patrolling of US drones in the airspace of Afghanistan is a clear violation being committed by this country.

Speaking in an inclusive interview with ArianaNews, Stanekzai said that Islamic Emirate officials have shared this issue in the negotiations with the American delegations and demanded to stop the violation of Afghanistan’s airspace.

“Yes, there are drones patrolling in Afghanistan’s airspace, and we repeatedly shared this issue with them (the Americans) in the meetings, and they have violated this article,” said Stanekzai.

“According to Doha agreement, after the withdrawal of US forces, this country would have friendly relations with the new Islamic government of Afghanistan and would play an active role in the reconstruction of Afghanistan, and encourage other countries in this direction, and definitely not to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan,” he added.

In addition, related to some Central Asian countries’ concern regarding Qosh Tepa canal construction, he said that this canal is an Afghan project and the government will complete its work.

“This canal is an Afghan project and the government will continue to complete it,” Stanekzai said.

Meanwhile, deputy foreign minister assures Afghan women and girls that the process of education will be opened for them and that the IEA is committed to providing their educational and educational rights.

“As an Afghan, I can say that education will not be banned till the end, it should not be banned, and this is the natural and religious right of girls,” he stressed.

Stanekzai stated that schools and universities will be opened to girls once the conditions are prepared.

He once again called on the opponents of the Islamic Emirate to return to the country.

Regarding Pakistan’s concern over TTP, he emphasized that Afghanistan has achieved complete security after a long war and that neighbors should not associate their problems with Afghanistan.

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Nearly 7,000 poultry farms operating in Afghanistan: ministry



(Last Updated On: September 22, 2023)

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) officials say they are trying to provide the ground for the expansion of investment in the production of eggs and chicken meat in the country.

The ministry officials say there are currently about 7,000 poultry farms in the country and the number of these farms is increasing every day.

Meanwhile, egg and chicken meat importers union said that domestic producers only supply five percent of eggs and chicken meat in the country’s markets and cannot meet the market’s needs.

They ask the agriculture ministry to provide the necessary facilities in the field of importing eggs to the country.

“It was 10 percent of the product, which has increased by 16 percent. We don’t even have 5 percent of production, if there is production, they should supply our market, we will stop importing at all,” said Sayed Ahmad Kohdamani, head of egg and chicken meat importers union.

A number of egg sellers also say the domestic production is small and most of the eggs are imported from Iran, Uzbekistan and Pakistan and sold in the markets of the country, and their prices have also increased.

“It’s not a problem for us, because we import, we pay our taxes, but raising an egg from six rupees to nine rupees with the lie and conspiracy that we have domestic products, nothing is available at all, said an egg seller with concern.

“Previously, we used to bring the goods and pay ten percent, which we offered to the people for seven and six and a half afghanis, while we sell one egg for approximately eight to eight and a half rupees,” the seller added.

Finance ministry officials meanwhile speak of serious measures that they will control the price of food items in the domestic markets and emphasize that the seasonal tariffs of some items, including eggs, have increased and may be reduced if necessary.

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Sixty tons of expired food items and medicines destroyed in Balkh



(Last Updated On: September 22, 2023)

The Directorate of Public Health in Balkh province has burnt nearly 60 tons of poor quality and expired food items and medicines collected over the past four months.

The materials, which include 35 tons of medicines and 24 tons of food items, were collected from the provincial capital Mazar-e-Sharif city and districts.

Officials in Balkh Public Health Directorate said that the burned materials were valued 8 million afghanis.

Government institutions speak of serious fight against the buying and selling of poor quality and expired items.

“God willing, we intend to designate an area for the Public Health Department of Balkh province, and then, God willing, we will set fire in that specific place,” Mohammad Mohammadi, the head of Balkh Environment Protection Department, said.

Officials in the Pharmaceutical Services Union in North Zone said that they are taking serious measures to prevent imports of expired medicines.

“We pledge to the people that we will produce quality medicines according to the people’s demand and sell it to the people under the supervision of the food and drug authority and the Department of Public Health,” Shoaib Safi, the head of the Pharmaceutical Services Union in North Zone, said.

According to official data, nearly 120 tons of expired and poor quality medicines and food items have been collected and destroyed in Balkh in the past one year.

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