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Ghani slams firms for shoddy work on development projects



(Last Updated On: April 13, 2021)

President Ashraf Ghani on Monday criticized companies for substandard work on a number of development projects around the country and said this was “not satisfactory”.

Speaking at a development project event, Ghani said that proper attention was not being paid to the detail, resulting in shoddy work.

“Implementation of development projects affect the economy of the country; the relevant organizations must be careful about quality. Corruption must end, and transparency should be part of contracts,” said Ghani.
He also warned private companies that unless they deliver work of a high standard, the contracts will be withdrawn and handed over to government departments.

“The private companies should be careful about transparency in their contracts, otherwise all contracts will be given to government companies,” added Ghani.

In addition to this, Ghani, urged members of the public to monitor projects in order to avoid corruption.

Meanwhile, officials of the Ministry of Public Works, recently inaugurated 28 development projects worth more than 7.4 billion AFN.
The projects are:
1- Kandahar- Spin Boldak road
2- Danesh- Pol-e – Maghan road in Kapisa
3- A bridge in Company area of Kabul city
4- Road in Kama district of Nangarhar province
5- Kabul –Logar highway
6- Kabul Ring Road
The minister of public works, Najibullah Yamin meanwhile said on Monday that work on the key Kabul to Kandahar highway will start in the near future.
“Twenty two projects are currently underway in Kandahar. Survey of Kabul-Kandahar highway started this year and construction on it will start soon,” said Yamin.

Kabul’s mayor, Mohammad Daoud Sultanzoy also noted progress on Monday and said: “Bridge of Shina and Bridge of Pacha were inaugurated today (Monday). The project was funded from municipality development budget. Three million square meters of land has been taken back from warlords,” he said.


Process of exporting fresh fruit to world markets kicks off: MoIC



(Last Updated On: May 29, 2023)

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC) says the process of exporting fresh fruit to world markets has started.

The ministry’s spokesman Abdul Salam Jawad said that they are trying to market the country’s fresh fruits in order to export them at a reasonable price.

“Fortunately, we were able to export 20 tons of cherries to Kazakhstan, and our other fresh fruit is black cherry, which are ripe and almost ready to package, and we will export them to the United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan,” he said.

The Chamber of Agriculture and Livestock also said that when problems with the issuing of visas by countries to Afghan businessmen are resolved, they can export more products.

“We have invested in the packaging and in the cold storage areas, and we have the ability to adjust and export this packaging to Europe and America based on global standards,” said Omid Haidari, head of foreign relations of the Chamber of Agriculture and Livestock.

“Unfortunately, due to the lack of air corridors and subsidies from the Ministry of Agriculture, we indirectly export fruits to India and Pakistan, and later Indian and Pakistani businessmen buy from us and export to Europe,” he added. 

However, a number of investors say that if the country’s fresh fruit is not marketed, farmers and businessmen will face losses.

“Seven kilos of our watermelons are sold for fifty afghanis, seven kilos of our watermelons from Farah to here [Kabul] cost forty afghanis as fare; the farmer is really very poor,” said a trader. 

According to experts, if fresh fruit and other products of Afghanistan are regularly exported, the country’s national income will increase.

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Over 3,600 boxes of silkworms distributed to Herat farmers this year



(Last Updated On: May 29, 2023)

Herat Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock says more than 3,500 boxes of silkworms have been distributed to farmers this year in Zinda Jan, Injil, Guzara and Pashtun Zarghun districts of the province.

This directorate has said that 80 percent of silk work is done in Zinda Jan district.

“We were able to grow about 3,600 boxes with the help of institutions, about 80 percent of which we have grown in Zinda Jan district,” said Khalil Ahmad, general director of Herat agriculture directorate.

“About 20 percent of silkworms have been grown in Injil, Guzara and Pashtun Zarghun districts, which has had good results and the financial status of the farmers has improved.”

The local officials said most work in the silk industry is done by women.

“Almost 60 percent of the silk industry is done by women,” said Ahmad Shah Qawami, head of the silk workers’ union for Zinda Jan district.

This year, the families who are engaged in raising silkworms hope to have good production, now that the silk season is over and many are working to separate the silk thread.

However, the farmers are not satisfied with this year’s market conditions.

“The silk market is weak this year, it was good last year, it was very advanced,” said a silk worker.

The silk industry in Herat has a history dating back 600 years, and many families have preserved this ancient profession.

Silkworms usually feed on the leaves of mulberry trees, which grow in these regions. The industry also provides a livelihood to hundreds of men and women in the area.

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Afghanistan Embassy in Ashgabat announces appointment of new commercial attache



(Last Updated On: May 27, 2023)

Afghanistan Embassy in Ashgabat on Friday announced that Mohammad Haroon Saeedi has been appointed as the commercial attache of the embassy.

Saeedi was introduced in an event on Thursday that was also attended by traders and investors.

Afghan Minister of Industry and Commerce Nooruddin Azizi, addressing the event via a digital link, said that the new appointment is a major step in boosting regional cooperation.

He said that the IEA will continue to support the private sector to increase the level of exports.

Afghan Ambassador Fazl Mohammad Sabir also highlighted the role of traders and investors in expanding economic relations between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

He notified the traders about the investment opportunities in the Afghan state-owned companies.

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