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Badakhshan establishes new anti-insurgency unit



(Last Updated On: April 19, 2022)

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) officials in Badakhshan said Monday a new security unit has been established in the province to maintain security.

According to the officials the members of this new unit are well-equipped and ready to suppress any insurgency by opposition groups.

Badakhshan deputy governor Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi said there has been incidents of insurgency by groups linked to Daesh and the so-called Resistance Front.

Officials said they will not allow anyone to disturb the security in Badakhshan.

Ahmadi said however that Daesh and other groups opposed to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) have no control over any part of the province, but that incidents such as ambushes and explosions have been carried out against IEA forces.

“We did not say that the Resistance Front and Daesh do not exist at all. They are not regular and nowhere have they declared their existence, but still, we witnessed incidents in the capital Faizabad, they want to disrupt security,” said Ahmadi.

“My message is that if it is Daesh or the Resistance Front, whatever they call themselves, they should prove once and for all that the system is infidel [non-Islamic] and share their problems, convince the people and then take up arms,” said Mazuddin Ahmadi, Head of Information and Culture of Badakhshan.

Residents of Badakhshan, who have welcomed the recent calm, say they no longer want conflict in the province.

“With the change of regime in Afghanistan, security has really changed. In the past, robberies and murder was common, and theft and blasts were less common but after the developments, murders and thefts have decreased. We hope the government will pay attention to security and try to provide more security,” said Mohibullah Sadat, a resident of Badakhshan.

“After the recent developments, people can do their work and activities day and night and travel, and theft and crime have decreased. We are completely satisfied with this situation, and our emphasis is that the Islamic Emirate also maintain security,” said Abdul Baies Hakimi, another resident.

According to Badakhshan officials, eight so-called resistance fighters have been killed and one arrested in the latest clashes in Badakhshan’s Kohistan district.


IED explosion in Nangarhar leaves 2 dead, 28 wounded



(Last Updated On: June 20, 2022)

At least two civilians were killed and 28 others including five members of the Islamic Emirate forces were wounded in an explosion on Monday in Nangarhar province.

The blast occurred in Ghanikhil district of Nangarhar, said district governor Mawovi Seddiqullah.

According to Seddiqullah, the incident happened in Shirgar market when a magnetic mine targeted a district health department vehicle.

The wounded have been taken to the provincial hospital.

“The injured were taken to Nangarhar regional hospital for treatment and their condition is stable,” Seddiqullah said.

So far no group has claimed responsibility for the blast.

UNAMA condemns this morning’s attack in a crowded bazaar in Nangarhar province which killed and wounded number of civilians, including some children.

Continuing attacks targeting civilians across #Afghanistan must cease immediately, UNAMA tweeted.

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Flash floods in Badakhshan destroy farms, houses and irrigation canals



(Last Updated On: June 16, 2022)

Badakhshan officials confirmed Thursday that flash floods in the province have caused widespread destruction and financial losses across Zebak district. 

According to the head of Zebak development council, Fazal Ahmad Faizi, the worst hit areas in the district were Gul Khana, Dand, Dasht-e-Khan, Now Abad, and Khalkhan villages.

He said the floods were triggered by heavy rainfall in the area.

Speaking to Bakhtar News Agency, Faizi said the floods damaged 44 hectares of farmland, fields, eight houses, irrigation ditches, and a road that connects two villages.

Livestock was also lost in the floods. 

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Gem stone and minerals processing center opens in Badakhshan 



(Last Updated On: June 14, 2022)

For the first time the Chamber of Industries and Mines, as well as a center for processing and selling gem stones and minerals have been established in Badakhshan province.

During his visit to Badakhshan province, the acting Minister of Economy inaugurated the new chamber and the gem stone center.

The purpose of establishing this center is to process precious and semi-precious stones for sale on the national and international markets.

The acting minister of economy, Din Mohammad Hanif, said at the opening of the center that although millions of dollars had flowed into Afghanistan in recent years, no basic work had been done to make Afghanistan self sufficient.

Hanif said billions of dollars had been spent in recent years, but added that aid has not been effective in rescuing Afghanistan from financial dependence. 

One example of this was that Afghanistan pays other countries $340 million for electricity. 

“One is the opening of the Chamber of Industries and Mines, and second is the opening of the processing center, and we take this as a good omen, and the Badakhshan that you see is really hopeful, and we have to move forward step by step,” said Hanif.

The executive director of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce says that Badakhshan has a huge assortment of gem stones and natural minerals, which will be processed through the new center and sold on both domestic and international markets. 

“Badakhshan is one of the richest provinces in the world. In the past, people knew little about Badakhshan. Badakhshan has ruby and lapis lazuli, but you should know that in Badakhshan there are more expensive things which other countries do not have,” said Rahimullah Samandar, executive director of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Residents of Badakhshan also hope that the establishment of this center and the extraction of natural resources, especially precious stones, will provide them with jobs and employment.

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