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IEA’s supreme leader issues Eid ul-Fitr message



(Last Updated On: April 18, 2023)

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s supreme leader Mawlavi Hibatullah Akhundzada on Tuesday released an Eid ul-Fitr statement and said the people of Afghanistan “should be thankful that after many conflicts, we have got security and a Sharia system.”

He also urged the wealthy to help the needy, including widows, orphans and families of martyrs, during this time.

Akundzada called on the Islamic Emirate’s officials and forces to work with the people and to ensure their rights in accordance with Sharia and their happiness is taken into account.

He also urged all parties to cooperate with the ministry of vice and virtue in order to maintain the law.

“Remarkable corrective measures have been taken in the fields of culture, education, economy, media and other sectors, and the wrong intellectual and moral effects of the occupation are coming to an end,” he said in the statement.

“Our believing compatriots should consider these reform measures more important than anything else; because in the light of religious principles and Sharia, it guarantees the happiness of our worldly and hereafter life and causes happiness, prosperity and permanent salvation of the society,” Akhundzada said.

He called on the religious scholars in the country to “pay attention to their responsibility” especially in terms of informing people about religion, and cooperating with the ministries of vice and virtue, and education, higher education and information and culture.

According to Akhundzada, every nation and country achieves dignity, security and real prosperity when there is no rebellion and rebelliousness among the people. He said: “Therefore, the responsibility of reforming the people and informing them has been entrusted to the shoulders of the scholars and they should fulfill their obligations in this field in the best way and continue to work in the fields of reforming and enlightening people’s minds in mosques, meetings, media and programs and be a good means of guiding them.

“In the same way, they create more harmony and an atmosphere of trust between them. They should avoid differences and pay attention to the religion and the supreme interests of the people.”

Akhundzada also said that everyone has a responsibility to improve their homeland.

“So now, all responsible or irresponsible Afghans, we have an obligation to make our country prosperous and stand on its feet.”

He also said that Afghans “should not rely on others” and instead support themselves. In line with this, local businessmen and business owners of the country “have more rights than others,” he said adding that they have the full support of the IEA.

He stressed the need to maintain stability and security.

On relations with neighboring countries and the international community, Akhundzada said: “Afghanistan wants positive relations with its neighbors, Islamic countries and the world, based on mutual benefits and within the framework of Islamic principles, since Afghanistan does not want to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, it also insists that other countries should not interfere in our internal issues, doing so is beneficial both for the world and Afghanistan.”

He said the prevention of poppy cultivation in the country was a “great achievement” and that “Afghanistan will be cleaned of poppy cultivation and drugs soon.”

He noted that drug addicts had been removed from the streets in Kabul and in provinces, as it was “another Sharia obligation that the Islamic Emirate has fulfilled.”

Akundzada stated that efforts were being made to improve the economy.

“Extending education and training to the whole country and providing good training to all children is one of the responsibilities of the Islamic Emirate and effective plans for further development are also worked on,” he said.

He touched on other governance issues and on the judiciary system.

“The courts and judiciary system of the Islamic Emirate, which has a special status among all the organizations, is a part of the Islamic System whose work is considered more important, because the main goal of the Islamic system is the protection of the head, wealth, intellect, status and all the rights given by Allah, therefore, all the judges and court’s officials are instructed to be more serious in obtaining people’s rights, resolving disputes and avoid favoritism, look at the crime instead of criminal, defend the oppressed, prevent the oppressor and solve people’s cases without delay and hindrance,” he said.

In addition he urged the security and defense forces to “do justice, generosity and modesty and avoid arrogance, pride, oppression, betrayal and wasteful spending.

“Strictly avoid all kinds of discrimination,” he said adding: “Do not offer jobs to your relatives, the appointment should be based on merit.”

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IEA sets out new guidelines for YouTubers in Afghanistan



(Last Updated On: September 27, 2023)

Mahajer Farahi, deputy minister of publications of the ministry of information and culture (MoIC), says guidelines have been drawn up to regulate YouTubers in the country in order to prevent “disorder and chaos”.

In a conversation with the media, Farahi said that the ministry has started the process of distributing work permits for YouTubers in Afghanistan, and any person who wants to operate in this way must go to the Ministry of Information and Culture and obtain a permit.

“With this procedure, publications will become a standard, and publications that are against Islamic principles, against the customs and culture of our people, and against the prime interests of the country will be stopped,” said Farahi.

According to him, by implementing this procedure, non-professionals will also be prevented from working, and those who work on YouTube should at least have a degree in journalism or work experience in this field.

“We will not allow anyone to operate without the permission of the ministry,” he added.

Farahi also said that the ministry monitors all media and YouTube channels.

“Anyone who acts against the principles will automatically be summoned and will be advised and warned,” Farahi said.

Farahi added that no person or charity organization will be allowed to be abusive of needy people and must respect them.

“The aim of the ministry with this procedure is to use journalistic criteria to convey the problems of the people to the government and also to convey the message of the system to the people, and if the media in its true sense is in support of reforming society and creating harmony and unity among the people, they [media] can really play an essential role,” he said.

Farahi said that the Islamic Emirate is responsible for making necessary reforms in the field of publications.

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Countries should take positive steps to ensure stability in Afghanistan: Stanikzai



(Last Updated On: September 27, 2023)

Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai on Wednesday called on countries in the region and beyond to stop spreading “negative propaganda” against the Islamic Emirate and instead take positive steps to ensure stability in Afghanistan.

Speaking at a ceremony in Kabul to mark World Tourism Day, Stanikzai reiterated that peace in Afghanistan is important for the security and stability of the region.

“Our demand and expectation from the world and the Western countries, especially regional and neighboring countries, is to take positive steps towards the stability, peace and economy of Afghanistan. This is for everyone’s benefit. If Afghanistan is peaceful, our neighbors will be peaceful. If there is a burning fire and problems in Afghanistan, our neighbors will not be at peace either,” he said.

Stanikzai also called on Iran and Pakistan to deal with Afghan immigrants in accordance with international laws and to refrain from imprisoning and harassing them.

“The situation that our refugees are living in neighboring countries is unbearable. We ask friendly countries to treat our refugees according to international standards for refugees. Do not harass the refugees unnecessarily. Stop disrespecting refugees who have legal residence documents [and putting them] in prisons,” he said.

This comes after Pakistani media reported that the country’s caretaker government has decided to deport about 1.1 million Afghan refugees living in the country illegally.

The acting minister of information and culture also spoke at Wednesday’s event and said thousands of foreign tourists have visited Afghanistan in the past two years, as security has been restored across the country. He said this can have a positive effect on the political relations of the Islamic Emirate with other countries.

“We can say that tourism has an impact on political relations, because we see that traveling between countries strengthens interest and makes people aware of each other’s culture. Tourists see beauty in the country and love it. With each trip, the desire for the next trip is created,” Khairullah Khairkhah said.

According to the ministry, more than 4,200 foreign tourists have visited the country since August 2021. The main attractions are historical sites around the country. Officials also said that they are working with the private sector to drive tourism in the country.

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Foreign troops footprint leaves behind health and environmental issues



(Last Updated On: September 27, 2023)

An investigative report has found that there has been a considerable increase in medical problems among communities that lived close to US military bases during Afghanistan’s 20-year war.

According to New Lines magazine, a marked increase in people suffering from skin, heart and digestive diseases have been observed among those living in close proximity to the former bases. In addition to this, the magazine found that the war had a devastating effect on people’s land.

“American forces have not paid attention to the devastating consequences of using bombs, harmful weapons, spreading chemical substances caused by throwing bombs and burning garbage on people’s health, especially around their military bases in Nangarhar, Kandahar and Parwan provinces,” the report said.

A number of residents of these provinces told New Lines that two years after the withdrawal of troops, they still suffer from skin, cardiovascular and digestive diseases. They have also said that their land yields far less crops than in the past.

According to the report, the US military dropped more than 85,000 bombs in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2021, most of which contained an explosive called “RDX”.

This substance has an adverse effect on the nervous system of humans. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has called this substance carcinogenic.

“The Taliban (IEA) government should start an investigation in this regard and, if possible, ask for help from international institutions in this matter; if this issue is confirmed, they should demand compensation from the United States of America,” said Asadullah Nadim, a military analyst.

In April 2017, US military dropped the most powerful conventional bomb ever used in combat — the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast, known unofficially as the “mother of all bombs,” or MOAB.

In addition, New Lines estimated that when more than 100,000 NATO and US forces were present in Afghanistan, they produced more than 400,000 kilograms of garbage per day, most of which was burned without any pollution control.

However, the Islamic Emirate says the 20-year military presence of the US and its allies in Afghanistan has caused problems to the people, and the IEA will request compensation at an appropriate time.

“Afghanistan has been the same in every occupation, they have been victims, their people’s rights have been lost and they have been oppressed, they have been killed, injured and suffered various hardships; they were forced to migrate. The American occupation also had these problems, these problems must be compensated, we will definitely raise this at the right time, Inshallah,” said Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the IEA.

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